Marcy's Diner | 47 Oak Street | Portland, ME 04101 | 207.774.9713

April 19, 2013 -
"They’ve gone and spiffed up the already classic diner look they already had.Everything looks fresh and new, even if it wasn’t completely replaced.
And holy crap the food is still out of this world. Dare I declare, it’s even better than before?
Yup. I dare declare. They’ve added several new items to the already fantastic menu."

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February 22, 2012 -

"Thus it is refreshing to encounter an example in which inheritance is handled smoothly — neither with obsessive imitation nor with shallow rebellion.Such is the case at the newest incarnation of Marcy's Diner, the little downtown greasy-spoon that has been around since the 1940s (as "Marcy's" since the 1980s)." 

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January 4, 2012 -

"Opened in 1941, the diner has gone through a variety of name changes, even while maintaining the same look right down to the stools and booths, its entire existence. Known in its early days as Your Host Café, in the '60s as Lou’s and later as Mike’s, the name Marcy’s was the one to finally stick when in 1989, Portlander Marcy Litman bought the diner. Since then, the diner has changed hands three different times, but the name wasn’t the only thing to stay the same."

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May 12, 2016 -

"Now to the gold plate award for an excellent inspection. Marcy's diner is known a cozy breakfast and lunch spot in Portland. It's best known to some as the place that "broke the internet" last year in an online dispute between the owner and a tourist.
Now commemorated with "I got yelled at" stickers for sale.But the health inspector didn't yell, or even make a peep in a recent inspection. Finding not a single thing wrong or out of place. The owner, Darla Neugebauer, says she has a nine hour prep shift every day before the restaurant opens."

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December 2011 -

"The diner is tiny and timeless, with worn counters, cozy wooden booths, strong coffee and an All-American menu. Darla has owned Marcy’s since May- working seven days a week. She begins her day baking at two or three in the morning and leaves after the restaurant closes in the early afternoon.When she bought Marcy’s, she replaced the Harley Davidson décor with her collection of lava lamps and added bold lettering on the windows declaring that Marcy’s is not gluten free. “Allergies are serious stuff, and crumbs happen!" she said." 

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